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The Future

Effective 3/1/2017, the Rubber Men of San Francisco (rmsf.org) ceased organized activities.  Our members will continue to wear rubber gear and enjoy kinky sex, but will redirect our energies away from karaoke and game nights, and towards more casual, informal get-togethers, including bar takeovers, private parties, and events organized by individuals through personal and social media contacts.

We encourage folks interested in rubber to continue to patronize the venues that have hosted our events (including Wicked Grounds, SF Catalyst, and Powerhouse Bar), and to look for us to be wearing our gear and making friends there.

Our outgoing club leadership, no longer distracted by matters of dues, memberships, and interpersonal drama, hope to focus on our work, on our health, and on other important forms of social activism and community involvement.  If and when a new, independent but similar fetish group should arise locally, we would hope to use our energies and assets to support their efforts.

Thanks to all our members, friends, newsletter subscribers, and casual visitors to this Web site.  Stay kinky!

Links of Interest:
Brandon Leon, Mr. RubbDown 2017
Preston So, Mr. International Rubber XX
RubbOut 27, Vancouver BC, March 23 – 25, 2018
Mister International Rubber 21, Chicago, November 3 – 5, 2017

Are you perhaps a Rubber Woman?
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There’s also a new group forming: Bay Rubber Corps