Stephane Donaldson

Rubber Memoriam RibbonMembers of RMSF send our condolences to our brothers in the rubber community and family of Stéphane Donaldson Mr. International Rubber 2009.

Stéphane was a linchpin for the rubber community and outgoing friend and father.  He recently supported RMSF in establishing a sponsor/partnership for RubbDown 2015 through OxBalls.  We will do our best to carry on his legacy for promoting the rubber community and fostering a positive balance of kink and family life.


For more about Stéphane vist the MIR website.

Kink Controversy at Oakland Pride 2014

There is a controversy this week that the Pride Committee in Oakland, CA is denying members of the San Francisco Leather Community to participate in their parade.  RMSF feels that while it is unfortunate a mistaken quote in the media may have caused this controversy we encourage our Brother Clubs and other fetish groups to participate in their local festivals with due respect for local customs and policies. We believe it is in our interest to gain small progressive steps to make kink accepted in the mainstream. To protest these festivals and demand access on our terms creates a hostile attitude toward kink.

Oak Pride pic


click the pic to read an article from Pinknews

And Now For Something Completely Different!

A Rubber Contest in San Francisco
Sunday Oct 12, 2014 at The Stud

AssetsPoster-DraftWe’re looking for the next RMSF Poster Model and we want to see your Assets!

If you look hot in tight gear or know someone who does get your application in before the Sept 12, 2014 Deadline.  Three applicants will be selected to compete for our panel of judges who will select the RMSF Poster Model for 2015.

The winner will be featured on the 2015 Tenacious poster and as a runway model in the finale look at that event along with great prizes from some of our sponsors including
Skin Tight Rubber gear!

apply-now-button No Gear Required*

*click here to read all requirements and rules