Big plans!

We are getting close to the re-launch of the membership side of RMSF!

The new website is coming together quickly and we are excited to begin registering members as soon as we work out a few kinks [hehe] here-and-there. Within the few weeks we’ll start welcoming rubberists near and far to sign-up for our newsletter and local rubbermen for full status membership within the organization.

Using the old-site’s contact list, we will be sending out an email blast to let you know how and when to sign up for our newly reformatted group and website. This will help us pare down whom we send out our updates to as well as firmly establishing a membership list.

Aside from the website, there are a few events looming on the horizon:

  • Feb 3rd is our next Red Light Rubber Party at The Edge
  • Feb 18th is our Gear Swap event at Powerhouse [tentative: more details soon!]
  • Feb 22nd Rank and Seven will be presenting a Rubber workshop at LDG
  • Feb 24th – 26th is West Coast Rubber in Palm Springs

Hope to see you out in rubber!