Fetish meets Fashion

Last summer Seven Mitchell and Rick “RankInSF” Holte combined visions to launch the new face of RMSF. The two, from very different backgrounds, unite in the bonds of rubber  present a Leathermen’s Discussion Group experience like never before!

Seven is an artist and and latex designer for Mr S., and he also brings his vision of rubber fashion to the stage as a performer under the identity of Aurora Switchblade.

Rick has been incorprorating rubber into his life from the time he was a old enough to put on a pair of waders. Before he found the BDSM world(working in a bondage nightclub in Minneapolis where he also designed his own line of fetish gear), he was a scuba instructor –fullfilling his need to wear rubber in his daily life.

Seven and Rick promise not only to educate you in how rubber can enhance your erotic experience, they will entertain you and inspire you to share their obsession for rubber. The presentation will attempt to stimulate all of your physical senses and stir your imagination! Get a good seat and don’t block the aisle cause this will be an interactive experience!


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                                      It was INDEED! An experience like no other LDG presentation.

Seven opened with a full on rubber fashion show consisting of his collection of private designs modeled by popular local celebrities and some members of the LDG board.  He continued the presentation with an informative view of how fetish has influenced fashion and fashion in turn has given license for rubber fetish to become mainstream in pop culture.  Rick joined Seven in educating the attendees on proper care for rubber and how to identify different forms of rubber as well as what to look for in quality gear when shopping.

After the break Rick took center stage with some volunteers to get into the grit of rubber fetish starting with describing the freedom of anonymity while totally encased in rubber using the “groping gimp” an RMSF mascot from the Red Light Rubber District party.  Of course to just describe encasement isn’t enough for the standards of RMSF so a volunteer leatherman (Check out Lexx’s Recap) was called on to share with the crowd, in a live demo, his first experience of being encased in rubber.

As promised Seven and Rick shared their passion and obsession for rubber with the leather community.  If only one leatherman was converted the evening was a success.  The response is proof that there is a lot of rubber curiousity out there and as Rick says. “RMSF will convert the world to rubber one bungee cord at a time!”