The following By-Laws were ratified by unanimous group decision on 3 June 3 2012 and amended on 1 August 2012

The following By-Laws shall establish a group to be known as “Rubbermen of San          Francisco”, or in the alternative “RMSF”


Section 1. Nonprofit Organization. This organization shall be a not-for-profit organization.

Section 2. Purpose. RMSF is an educational group for men who have a positive personal interest in rubber as a fetish between men. The group will provide educational and social events where men with all levels of experience will have a safe place to meet while supporting the leather and local communities, explore and share information about safety, play techniques and resources, and connect with rubber community locally, nationally and internationally.

Section 3. Restrictions. The following rules shall conclusively bind the organization and all persons acting for or on behalf of the organization.

  1. No part of the net earnings of the organization shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to, its members, directors, or other private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services and other expenses rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth herein.
  2. Upon the dissolution of the organization, the Board shall after paying or making provisions for the payment of all liabilities of the organization, dispose of all the assets exclusively for the purposes of the organization in such manner or to such organization or organizations as shall at the time qualify as a non-profit organization as the Board shall determine.


Section 1. Limit. Membership shall be open to all interested parties residing in or with an intimate interest in the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas.  Validity of an intimate interest will be determined by the Board on a case by case basis.

Section 2. Eligibility. Membership to RMSF shall be open to male-identified individuals provided that the individual is interested in the stated purpose of the organization, Article II

Section 3. Non-discrimination. Membership is open to all male-identified individuals regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, disabilities, or political affiliation. Must be at least 21 years old.

Section 4. Refusal. RMSF reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone. Membership is a privilege not a right. Membership may be refused to an applicant by any Active Member during the application process.

Section 5. Membership Classes.

  1. Active Member. Members are considered Active when they fulfill the requirements of Section 6.1 and 8.1.
  2. Gimp. Ceremonial membership title conferred upon an individual who may be a non-member after volunteering as ‘the gimp’ for a public event. Duration is one year and non-recurring.
  3. Social. Individuals that are not able to fulfill the requirements for membership as listed, ART. III Sec 6.1 and 8.1, are able to apply for social membership status.
  4. Affiliate. Individuals that are active members of other rubber organizations that have been afforded the status of Brother Organization are able to apply for Affiliate Membership.
  5. Subscribers. Individuals that do not fulfill the membership requirements of Active, Social, or Affiliate status, ART. III Sec. 1, 2, or 3, are able to apply for Subscriber status.
  6. Emeritus. Members that have left the organization in good standing will be considered Emeritus and have no voting rights or Active Membership privileges, Section 9.
  7. Suspended. Members who have been censured and are in a probationary period of 60 days after notification from Board.

Section 6. Application for Membership.

  1. Active Member. Individuals interested in pursuing Active Membership must fulfill the following and verify his completion of requirements:
    1. Attend at least two social events hosted by RMSF.
    2. Attend a council meeting and be introduced to membership.
    3. Volunteer to assist in some capacity during one social or educational event.
  2. Gimp. No application. Chosen at discretion of event organizer.
  3. Social. Individuals that are not able to fulfill the requirements for Active Membership as listed, ART. III Sec 6.1 and 8.1 are able to apply for Social Membership status.
  4. Affiliate. No application.
  5. Subscribers. Individuals interested in Subscriber status can register on the RMSF website.

Section 7. Admission of Members. Membership for classes [a] through [d] are admitted on an individual basis after they have fulfilled the requirements necessary to achieve their desired status.

Section 8. Membership Requirements.

  1. Active Member.
    1. Event Attendance. Active Members are required to attend at least 2 social event per year to maintain status.
    2. Required to attend yearly Planning Committee Meeting.
    3. Dues must be paid pursuant to the terms ARTICLE IV.
    4. It will be the responsibility of the Member to check in at events and meetings to track his attendance.
  2. Gimp. Fulfill role for duration of event as determined by event organizer.
  3. Social. No requirements to maintain status.
  4. Affiliate. Maintain active member status within Brother Organization as determined by their By-Laws.
  5. Subscribers. No requirements to maintain status.
  6. Emeritus. No requirements to maintain status.

Section 9: Membership Privileges

  1. Active Member.
    1. Access to Members Only section of website
    2. Invitations to RMSF sponsored private events
    3. Reduced cost for entry to RMSF events
    4. Guest passes for up to two non-members to attend a private event
    5. Voting privileges
    6. Special event privileges
      1. Eligible members have free admission to RMSF-produced bar events, pay half-price for co-produced events, and pay half-price to non-bar events such as public play parties.  Eligible members have free admission to events if participating in production.
    7. Discounts with Sponsors
  2. Gimp.
    1. Invitations to RMSF sponsored private events
    2. Reduced cost for entry to RMSF events
  3. Social.
    1. Invitation to private parties
    2. Allowed attendance at all public and private events/parties and participate in discussions but not vote on official business and don’t get to use discounts or other exclusive benefits like jumping lines
  4. Brother/Affiliate.
    1. Same as those listed for Social members.
    2. Reduced cost for entry to RMSF events
  5. Subscriber. No additional privileges.
  6. Emeritus. No additional privileges.
  7. Suspended.  No additional privileges.

Section 10. Resignation. Members that wish to no longer be considered Active Members and who have led an active role in the function of the club are eligible for the Emeritus membership class. Emeritus designation will be determined by simple majority vote of members present during that months meeting.

Section 11. Suspension and Termination of Membership.

  1. Suspension. The Board may, for just cause, suspend a member’s privileges for up to thirty days for each breach of conduct. RMSF reserves the right to refuse, revoke or terminate membership for cause other than non-payment of dues, assessments, fees, or other charges. While suspended, a member shall no longer be deemed to be an Active Member.  The Board, at its discretion, may bar a suspended member from attending private RMSF events.
  2. Termination. When necessary to provide for the safety, and maintain the integrity, of RMSF, the Board may recommend, by two-thirds vote, to the membership as a whole the expulsion of a member. The Board shall, within 30 days, conduct a formal vote of expulsion at which the membership as a whole, by vote, and by simple majority of members present, may expel a member.

Section 12. Reinstatement. If a member is expelled, and the terminated member wishes to reapply for membership, a vote to determine the eligibility for reinstatement will be held by the members occurring not less than six months following the date of the expulsion.

Section 13. Membership Insignia. Active Members are allowed the use of club logo, name and other insignia to be used on board approved attire and materials.

Section 1. Dues, Fees, Charges. The Board shall establish membership dues, event prices, or other charges if any, from time to time, as the Board may deem necessary and proper. Each member shall be obligated to pay applicable dues, fees or charges as determined by the Board of RMSF. Active Members are required to pay membership dues in the amount of $25 once per year after attaining Active membership status to maintain status.

Section 2. Delinquency and Membership Suspension. Any member who is delinquent in paying yearly dues will be notified and have 30 days to remit payment to the organization. Individuals who fail to remit payment within the specified time-frame are put under suspension as defined by Art III Sect 11a

Section 3. Refunds. No dues, fees or charges shall be refunded to any member whose membership terminates for any reason.

Section 4. Waiver of Dues. Dues for Active Membership can be waived under the following instances:

  1. Members who have taken an active role in the administration of the organization.
  2. Volunteering to work five public RMSF events within one calendar year
    – Volunteering hours do not roll over into sequential years..
  3. Sponsoring; An Active Member who sponsors the dues of another Active Member will receive credit for his own dues upon renewal
    – Sponsoring credit is only earned once per membership term and does not accrue  or roll over into sequential years.

Section 1. Board. The organization is run by majority vote of members with no elected board. ‘Board’ is defined as the attending Active Members at each meeting.

Section 2. Liaisons. For the purposes of attending meetings run by other organizations, or representation of RMSF as an organization at meetings and events, the board can nominate from it’s members a volunteer to act on behalf of the organization. Appointments are done by simple majority vote at monthly meeting.

Section 3. Committees. Created as needed by the organization. Members are nominated or appointed from within the organization to head a committee for an event or other administration position.

Section 1. Meetings. Held monthly on the first Sunday.

Section 2. Notice of Meetings. Changes in meeting schedule will be announced 7 days prior to the scheduled monthly meeting and will posted on the website under the Members Only section as well as notification via email to members.

Section 3. Voting. At all meetings of the organization each Active Member shall have one vote and may take part and vote in person. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted. Unless specifically provided otherwise in these by-laws, a majority-vote of those regular members present and voting shall govern.

Section 4. Planning Meetings. Supplemental meetings may be scheduled on short notice for event planning and administration.

Section 5. Attendance: Members must be physically present at a meeting to be considered present and in attendance to exercise the privileges of membership such as voting.

Section 1. Public Events. Events that are designated as public shall be open to all peoples as permitted by the venue hosting the event. Public Events shall be deemed qualifying events in regards to membership requirements, ARTICLE III.

Section 2. Private Events. Events that are designated as private shall be open to only Active, Social, Gimp, and Affiliate Members of the organization. Private Events are not deemed qualifying events in regards to membership requirements.

Section 3. Sponsored Events. The Board may designate an event as a sponsored event if RMSF has made material or volunteer contributions to the event. Sponsored events are possible qualifying events for membership requirements by Board decision.

Section 4. Endorsed Events. The Board may designate an event as endorsed to show support for an event and to encourage attendance by RMSF members. Endorsed events are not qualifying events for membership requirements.

Section 1. Anti-harassment Policy. It is the policy of RMSF to maintain an environment free from harassment and to insist that all members be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy.

Section 2. Behaviors. The following specific behaviors shall be violations of the code of conduct:

  1. Financial/Legal liability. No member shall place RMSF or its members in a position of financial or legal liability.
  2. Misrepresentation. No member shall intentionally misrepresent the RMSF organization, activities or any other member engaged in RMSF activities to any outside individuals or organizations.
  3. Confidentiality. No member shall intentionally breach the confidentiality of RMSF membership information, including but not limited to, the unauthorized use of names, phone numbers, addresses or other identifying information without prior approval.
  4. Conduct. No member shall engage in behavior that consistently impairs or attempts to impair the regular functioning of the organization or any sponsored meeting or event.

Section 3. Discipline. Any member engaging in any of the activities that violate Section 1 and 2 are subjected to a request for resignation, suspension, or termination.

These by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new by-laws adopted by a majority vote of the membership at any regular or special meeting and upon due notice of the proposed by-law changes. The Board will review by-law changes prior to presenting to the membership for vote.

1 August 2012