Recap of RMSF Monthly Meeting

June 7, 2015

Location: Wicked Grounds, San Francisco

Objective: Review Vulcanize play party, discuss recent theft, planning for upcoming events.

Active Members in Attendance: Hypnaughtyk, Daniel S., Drew B., Heiko D.

Guest(s) in Attendance: Guest of Drew B.

Review of Vulcanize and Discussion of Theft

  • Event was a success, despite theft
  • Community donated over $1100 to help recover losses from theft
  • No recommendations for possible workshop or event RMSF could do to give back to community. Will be discussed again at next meeting.
  • Vote of 4-0 in favor of pricing ALL events $5 for members and $20 for non-members, EXCEPT recruitment party. Recruitment party will be $5 for non-members and free for members.
  • Vote of 4-0 in favor of sending letter with 2 free tickets to 2016 Tenacious fashion show for all people who donated money for theft.

Upcoming Events

  • Hypnaughtyk will be transitioning event calendar over to Google so members will have access to a calendar feed.


  • There doesn’t seem to be very many members who wish to march in Pride parade. If there isn’t at least 3 representatives from RMSF wishing to march, then RMSF will not be marching.
  • RMSF will be doing an event at Powerhouse during the afternoon of Pride. Event will be simple. Dan volunteered to help with event, Heiko is a “maybe” to help.

IDOL (International Day of Latex)

  • Will just be a casual get together and bar crawl for those interested. Meet-up at Powerhouse at 9pm, followed by karaoke at the Eagle.


  • Vote of 4-0 in favor of canceling meet-and-greet for this year. Tickets  for Phoenix play party will be sold through BPT or Eventbrite, as well as be available at Mr. S and Swapmeet (if one can be arranged).
  • Dumpster Dive party will be Saturday afternoon 5p-9p of Dore weekend. Heiko will be organizer/leader of event. Hypnaughtyk will confirm specific times with Scott at PH. $5 Cover
  • Phoenix play party is tentatively scheduled for some time Sunday afternoon of Dore weekend. We still need at least one more volunteer to organize/lead this event.

Open Forum
Note: This section has been added to the format of our monthly meetings and is meant to be an open discussion where members can share their ideas, questions and concerns.

  • Drew suggested getting RMSF business cards made for members, so that they can be given out to advertise group.
  • Dan suggested that there should be more Twitter and FB activity to get the word out about RMSF events, news and activities.
  • Drew is offering an hourly rate, which will be donated to RMSF, for whomever volunteers to work the CA Men’s Gather booth at Dore.

 Recap of RMSF Monthly Meeting

 April 12, 2015


April 12, 2015

 Location: Wicked Grounds, San Francisco


  • Planning for upcoming events
  • Membership update
  • Financial update

Active Members in Attendance:


Rick Holte

Heiko Dietze

David Hyman

Drew Blanchar

Jeff McCormick

Guest(s) in Attendance:

Guest of Rick Holte

Guest of Drew Blanchar

Upcoming Events

May Play Party:

  • Target date is May 16th
  • David and Hypnaughtyk haven’t received confirmation on CSC. Hypnaughtyk will visit CSC in person.
  • Hypnaughtyk requested bid from Alchemy. No word yet. He will visit Alchemy in person.
  • Event will be free and non-alcoholic.
  • Drew offered to organize supplies (Hypnaughtyk will help).
  • David offered to organize volunteers (Hypnaughtyk will help).
  • David and Hypnaughtyk will work on event advertising.

Sunday Monthly Karaoke at Powerhouse:

  • Hypnaughtyk has received no response from Scott.
  • Rick contacted Scott via text during meeting.
  • Hypnaughtyk will follow up with Scott in person.
  • In light of the upcoming May Play Party, Pride and Dore Alley, organizing for this recurring event will be placed temporarily on hold.


  • RMSF will be marching with Leather Alliance and is positioned in front of sound truck. Leather Alliance will supply water and RMSF can use sound truck for gear storage.
  • Outside offer to use donated Jeepster for car in parade was declined due to lack of funds and time to organize. RMSF will be marching in the parade on foot.
  • Hypnaughtyk will contact Si Hands regarding getting flags for members to carry.
  • There will be a large banner that 3 members will need to carry.
  • Superhero theme (though any gear will be acceptable)

IDOL (International Day of Latex – June 15th):

  • RMSF will be doing a get-together and bar walk.
  • Pup Razors is organizing event.
  • Pup Razors has sent out FB invites.

Dore (July 26th):

  • Hypnaughtyk will be in Europe and Rick will be out of SF, so Event Lead is needed for event weekend. Hypnaughtyk and Rick will still help in planning and organizing event.
  • No Event Lead was determined. Event Lead will be appointed at May planning meeting. Drew has offered to help with events.
  • Hypnaughtyk will be contacting Does Your Mother Know about hosting Ignition Meet & Greet.
  • Hypnaughtyk will order bracelets after receiving contact info from Rick.
  • Phoenix Play Party will be $20.
  • Hypnaughtyk will create purchase gateway and FB Event for Phoenix.

Amped! Weekly Tuesday Open Get-Together at Wicked Grounds:

  • Hypnaughtyk will be leading informal coffee get together at Wicked Grounds, every Tuesday at 7:30pm (except every 4th Tuesday when GameGear happens).
  • Open to anyone and free
  • Purpose is to just have coffee, chat with members of RMSF and provide a safe and welcoming place for non-members to meet the group and get info about membership.
  • Begins Tuesday, April 14th


  • RMSF has approx. 25 Active Members with only 7 Members current on dues.
  • Drew submitted check for annual dues.
  • All Members who are not current with dues will be marked as Inactive on May 1st .
  • Hypnaughtyk discussed need for member dues and it’s impact on RMSF’s ability to organize/host events.
  • Hypnaughtyk informed members of new payment gateway on website to pay annual membership, as well as about RMSF’s new contact phone number that anyone can call for info.
  • Additional strategies for increasing membership were discussed.
  • Rick put up for vote at next planning meeting the following:
    1. Requirements for on-going membership will have the additional requirement of volunteering for one (1) out of RMSF’s two (2) major events.
    2. Establishment of an annual Membership Drive, which will be an event held before Pride where prospective members will only be required to have sponsorship and then be vote in to get full Active Membership.


  • RMSF can not operate or hold events without money.
  • Hypnaughtyk proposed the following fundraising activities:
    1. “Gear Care” – Active Members present like this idea, but more planning is required.
    2. Workshops to be held at least monthly at places such as CSC w/ suggested donation.

Recap of RMSF Monthly Meeting

March 8, 2015

March 8 2015

Location: Wicked Grounds, San Francisco


  • Introduction of RMSF’s new Steward (Adam Decker aka Hypnaughtyk)
  • Discussion of leadership’s vision, expectations and goals for RMSF for the next year
  • Discussion of upcoming RMSF events and strategies for growing RMSF

Contributing members attending or submitting input:

Adam Decker (Hypnaughtyk)

Heiko Dietze

David Hyman


Guest(s) in Attendance:

Daniel Samblanet


Review of RubbDown 2015

  • Financial Report
  • Pictures of event
  • Volunteering and Membership
  • Sponsor Relations
  • Advertising


Upcoming Events

March Volunteer Appreciation & Karoke Sundays at Powerhouse:

-Aiming for March 29th, but Adam still needs to confirm with Powerhouse

-If Karoke Sundays happens, the event should be once per month


May Play Party (will be a free play party):

-Focus on new member recruitment and fun

-David volunteered to help organize and will contact potential venues

-Advertising for event


Folsom Street Fair:

-Adam will speak to Folsom Street Events and request 2 booths

-Member’s contribution/volunteering for event


-Report of RMSF’s activities for Pride

-After-Pride Party at Powerhouse


Membership and Dues

  • Importance of dues
  • Adam will be reviewing membership list and contacting members that are not current with dues
  • Review of membership requirements
  • Proposal to increase annual dues from $25 to $35 accepted by board. Approval vote scheduled for April 2015 monthly meeting.
  • Discussion of the advantages of sponsoring and it’s role in increasing membership, while offsetting individual membership costs
  • Proposal to amend bylaws to include mandatory volunteering at either Dore or Rubbdown as a condition of membership has been tabled for discussion at a later date.
  • Heiko suggested creating a checklist to give to potential members to make membership requirements less difficult to figure out.


Proposed Committees

  • Social Committee – Responsible for creation of social, community and play events. This committee will be charged with overseeing the production and promotion of events, as well as organizing event and sourcing venues.
  • Operations Committee – Development, management and enforcement issues directly related to finance, bylaws and overall operation of RMSF. Committee will be headed by Steward and Treasurer (proposed position).
  • Folsom Committee – Committee focused 100% on RMSF’s yearly participation in Folsom Street Fair. Responsible for executing a successful event.
  • RubbDown Committee – Committee focused 100% on RMSF’s yearly production of RubbDown and Tenacious. Responsible for executing a successful event. Committee will be headed by Rick Holte.
  • Pride Committee – Committee focused 100% on RMSF’s yearly participation in San Francisco Pride. Responsible for executing a successful event.Note: Board agreed developing new committees, but came to the consensus that a proposal for the creation of a new committee (and it’s subsequent vote and approval) will be dependent on available membership.


Additional Topics Discussed

  • Rick will assume role of Membership Coordinator
  • Proposal for the creation of a “Treasurer” position. Proposal accepted by board w/ reservation. Proposal will be revisited at April 2015 monthly meeting.
  • Adam will create a blog post every week. Drew will create and distribute quarterly full newsletter using “Mail to Subscribers” list. Past newsletters will be archived and accessible to members via website.
  • Daniel inquired about where the pictures of Tenacious are. Adam informed board that pictures are pending watermark.
  • Game Night at Wicked Grounds will continue, but with additional advertising and support. David volunteered to oversee Game Night. Positive confirmation with Wicked Grounds that event can continue to occur on the current designated night.
  • Adam suggested holding a monthly (possible weekly) casual social group, where members can bring friends or others they feel may be interested in RMSF to meet and hang out with the group in a casual and non-sexual atmosphere. Goal of group is to increase social component of RMSF and recruitment of new members. Adam will be responsible for the production and management of this event.
  • Adam asked Board if they knew where the new RMSF banner has gone to. Nobody was 100% sure, but agreed that it’s likely that we accidentally left it at CSC after RubbDown. Adam will check with CSC to confirm.
  • Adam advised Board to start using the message board on RMSF’s website to post quick updates. Adam suggested possibly creating a chatroom, or something similar, for members to quickly chat with one another, keep in contact and socialize.
  • Adam advised Board that all minutes from monthly meetings will be posted in the “Discussions” section of RMSF’s website.
  • The Board discussed and agreed that the roles and responsibilities of Tenacious poster model be more clearly defined and put on paper.

People who still need to return borrowed gear to gear library:

  • Jeff
  • Ryan
  • 2nd massage guy from RubbDown’s play party

Next scheduled monthly meeting:

Adam, Heiko and Daniel will all be at Rubbout in Vancouver during the 1st Sunday of April. Meeting has been moved to 2nd Sunday of April. Adam will post change to website calendar and advise members via email.

Recap of RMSF Discussion Meeting

March 1 2014

Location: Wicked Grounds in SF

Objective: Discuss progress on projects from previous meeting and open discussion on new proposals.

Contributing members attending or submitting input:
Rick Holte
Heiko Dietz
Tim Perkins (pledge member)
Eddie Cortez
Mike Horn
Drew Balancar
2 Guests

Review of RubbDown

  • Financial Report

    •  Still waiting for checks from Brown Paper Tickets to create an itemized report. There is not a significant profit but RMSF managed to produce the event without assistance from outside contributions.  An itemized report will be posted for member review before the next business meeting.

    • Only 4 packages were sold, most tickets were ala carte purchases

    • The only VIP tickets for Tenacious were comps or Package holders

    • Most Tenacious tickets were door sales and there has been feedback that the admission was expensive  (more discussion on this in New Business)

    • Liquor Sponsors were more hassle and drama caused by this than there was benefit. (more discussion on how to utilize this type of sponsor in New Business). Only liquor purchased by the bar may be sold or served in the bar.

    • Gear Sponsors made small contributions this year

      • STR donated 3 catsuits to the Gear Library and other miscellaneous to use as swag for prizes and promotion

      • Blackstyle donated 2 new shirts to the Gear Library and provided dressing products and swag for promotion

      • Mr-S provided lube for polishing and dressing as well as products for the playparty, They also loaned gear for the fashion show

      • Invincible did not contribute anything new this year, any Invincible gear not in the library that was used in the fashion show was loaned by Worn Out West

      • E7 Gear provided loaner gear for the fashion show and replaced Rick’s personal gear that was damaged by a model during fitting

      • Lust Designs did not make any donations to the event, they did provide models and promotional assistance for Tenacious

  • Beyond the Gasmask

    • Staff from Does Your Mother Know conducted a workshop on lubes that was very informative. They also provided a large amount of samples for guests and special discounts to attendees.

    • Attendance was moderate, less than 20 people mostly package holders and volunteer models or members

  • RMSF at Kink.com

    • Attendance was 20% less than last year

    • There was some confusion at the door about the arrangements for our tour, the coordinator for Kink.com had asked to bump our tour earlier that week to accommodate a large public event scheduled for the same night.

  • Tenacious

    • Over all reviews of the event were very positive

    • Comments included compliments for our organization and professionalism in producing the event

    • Models and Hosts have completed evaluations to help with organizing the event in the future (more discussion in New Business)

    • With the exception of an inappropriate email to the venue owner, Beatbox was happy to have us and looks forward to having the event again next year.  They also did not charge us for providing a light tech or additional cleaning charges for the lube residue (although they would appreciate in the future if we can do something to contain it better)

    • There was a great article (preshow) published on the front page of the Lifestyle section in BAR and a follow up article in the SF Chronicle from a reporter who attended the event and remarked during her interview that it was one of the most interesting fashion events she has attended.

    • A press release was produced and used to good effect.

  • GearBox

    • Bouncer and the volunteers who helped set up did a great job making the space welcoming and sexy

    • Attendance was good, a little less than last year but fun players including some from Australia who had heard about the party online before arriving in SF

    • Bouncer reported that clean up went well, there is however some concern that he did not have help breaking down the lube pool.

  • Mary Rubber Men Brunch at OMG

    • The only attendees were package holders and members

    • Build your own bloody marys worked great once people were shown how it works

    • We went with a “bar poured vodka” pre arranged by Rick rather than bringing in vodka from a sponsor

    • LaBoulange provided a tray of pastries and pot of coffee although more was expected based on discussions with Donald

    • Karaoke was provided by Mike Polhable

  • Powerhouse (Official Bar)

    • Reports that there were a lot more guests in rubber and package holders took advantage of the bonus

New Business

  • Committees – RMSF bylaws provide for assigning committees to manage projects. As part of the new year for the club it is proposed that the following committees be formed:

    • Major Events – a separate committee with a point member for each major event weekend.  All of the major events have established guides so committees only need to be concerned with party themes, promotion and staffing.

      •  Pride Weekend – Includes: Powerhouse Party and Parade

      •  Up Your Alley (Dore) – The RMSF Anniversary weekend including; Meet and Squeak (Friday), Back Dore Alley (Saturday) and Phoenix (Sunday)

      •  Folsom Weekend – Includes; Powerhouse Party and Street fair Booth
        from http://www.folsomstreetfair.com/
        Applications for exhibitor spaces will be available in April for 2014 fair

      •  RubbDown – Includes: Educational/Social Events, Tenacious and Playparty

    • Proposal for sub committee for Tenacious to be open to non-members and women

  • Ongoing Events – a committee of members responsible for organizing and promoting our recurring monthly and quarterly events.  A point member will be designated to each of the following and is committed to the event until he notifies the club at a meeting that he can no longer manage the event;

    •  GameGear – monthly game night at Wicked Grounds
    • Beyond The Gasmask – monthly workshop at BullDog Tattoo  cf below
    • Swapmeet – random event held in conjunction to other community events
    • GearBox – Quarterly playparty (this point person will automatically be included in Major Event weekends that involve a playparty)
    • Kinkopoply – a promotion created to establish community outreach for local businesses
    • Street Team – responsible for distributing posters and flyers for events and club promotions

Vision – Create a vision statement and project goals for the club

  •  By Laws – A committee needs to review our current by laws and correct missing rules that have been voted on as well as drafting new sections
    By laws are on the web site for review.
    Policies & rules will also be handled by this committee.

  • Events – Some changes to regular event are proposed for discussion

    • GearBox
      • Name Change? This will be opened to member debate/vote via email.
      • Only charge for the parties during Major Events, proceeds from these parties will cover expenses for the other 2 parties that will be free.  Should be noted in annual budget.  Wristbands will still need to be reserved in advance but instead of purchasing them, attendees will have to be pre-registered by a sponsoring member.
    • Beyond The Gasmask
      • Cease the monthly scheduling
      • The following 2 aspects are table for future review
      • Offered only during RubbDown week
      • An alternate proposal was offered to include our anniversary week for 2 per year
    • GameGear
      • Create a tournament
      • Include video gaming discussions
      • Partner with “GayGamer.com” and other gaming groups to bring in new games to introduce
      • Tabled – refer to Paul
    • RubbDown
      • Establish a host hotel where RMSF will have a hospitality suite for package holders
      • Liquor and Food Sponsors can provide refreshments
      • May be site for February Beyond The Gasmask
      • Daily Workshops (at host hotel or at Mr. S)
      • Reduce price for Tenacious to $10 in advance, $15 at door and $20 for VIP.
      • Work through the club management to have liquor reps cover VIP benefits – needs point person
      • Budget for advertising in print or online ads such as Gloss Magazine and IML/MIR programs  – needs point person or committee

Other new business:

  • Establish Committee Point/Chairperson
    • Each committee outlined above must have a volunteer point person
    • Point person will establish additional committee members
    • Events that do not have a Point person will be considered for cancellation
    • All Committee Points will report to Club Steward (Rick)
  • New Logo

    • Introduced at RubbDown weekend

    • Rick to order new banner to be ordered

  • Web Site rework

  • Rick working with web service people

Next meeting scheduled for Sunday April 6 2014
Wicked Grounds

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