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  1. I use silicone lube to wear latex. I tried many different brands and I like Pjur. It feels great and makes the latex much better. I’ve become addicted to the feeling. This substance is impossible to clean and my partner hates it.

    How do I get it off my body? Surfaces like floors and doorknobs? Sheets and clothing?

    Soap and water have virtually no effect. My best approach has been paper towels, followed by microfiber towel, then Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Dry cleaning works ok for clothing and sheets. Vinegar was suggested as well.

    Do shine sprays dry? Will the silicone rub off on things I come into contact with?

    I’m not too thrilled at the feeling of glycerin or polyethylene-whatever. (most water based lubes)

  2. Just a couple of updates:

    1. I talked to Scott at Powerhouse today and he would like us to do a monthly karaoke party on the 1st Sunday of every month! Stay tuned as more details come available. If you’d like to help out with this event, please send me an email at

    2. The first Amped! Coffee get together at Wicked grounds, scheduled for tomorrow night (4/14/15 at 7:30pm) has been temporarily cancelled. I spoke with the folks at Wicked Grounds and we’ll have to find a different night due to there being already too many events scheduled on Tuesdays. Sorry for the misinformation. I’ll send an email out and post on here the new date and time as soon as it becomes available.

  3. Wassup guys! :3

    Who all iz going to be at Red Light Rubber District this Friday evening? We will need some help for things as I believe Rick’s stated in an email that was sent out. I haven’t yet found out the headcount and was just curious and wanted to blast it here to see if anybody’s goin to be there.

    …Aaaand I wanted and excuse to finally use this message feature here for realz cuz I haven’t yet :3

    • Hey guys it’s Rob,

      Im trying to get a head count together for who is going to the Leather Walk…. Trying to figure out breakfast and time to meet so please let me know…


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