The members and Officers of RMSF have moved our internal discussions and document posting to the “Slack” platform.  If you are a member of RMSF (or planning on becoming one) and would like access to that discussion board, please contact pitboss@sfrubbermen.org.

By-law update

Folsom 2014 Street Fair Booth Registration

Oakland Pride Parade Letter from Jay Hemphil

August 2014 Progress Agenda
Up Your Alley Weekend 2014 Financial Report
Committee Process Policy Draft

Here they are!
Phoenix III wristband pic

LDG Fetish Fair Plan

July 2014 Progress Agenda – Dore Weekend

May 2014 Progress Agenda
Membership Spreadsheet
GearBox Registration Form

April 2014 Progress Agenda

March 2014 Progress Agenda

December Progress Agenda

October Progress Agenda

August Progress Agenda

Lube Pool Set Up – VIDEO

July Progress Agenda

Pride Parade Details:
Leather Contingent Line Up Number 184
Assembly Area L:  Beale between Mission & Howard Street
Right side of street, near Mission Street

June Progress Agenda


April Progress Agenda
Membership Agreement Draft


March Progress Agenda


Febuary Progress Agenda


January Progress Agenda


December Progress Agenda


Met with new manager of Edge – Michael, he would like us to stay on monthly with out Michael Brandon,  let him know we are booked through Feb and we will revisit with him in March.  He would like us to do the special events that we want such as May 4th and Pride.


November Progress Agenda


The Fashion Show is coming along.  The date will be Feb 10th at Beatbox, thanx to Jessie Vanciel Mr SF Leather for covering the deposit for us.  Make sure that we support his upcoming events that will be on our calendar!

I have also contacted both Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Bare Chest Calendar Men to be models and so far the response from members of those clubs for helping us is very positive so this event looks like it will really be awesome for us!


Square RMSF Logo








October Meeting Agenda


LeatherWeek and Folsom Street Fair Event Details

Fetish Fair

  • Set up is at 6pm at the Citadel 181 Eddy St (between Taylor St & Mason St)
  • Eddie and Ricky Terry volunteered to be in the pool there is room for 2 more
  • Anyone not in the pool can mingle and monitor that guests don’t get in pool and guys in the pool don’t leave the “protected” area
  • Clean up can begin at 9pm and should be part of our presentation including removing gear into plastic bags so that slime doesn’t get out of “protected” area

Conversion Party


  • Set up at 3pm (if we are done before 5 we can leave the bar and come back by 4:45)
  • Party starts at 5pm-Same plan as the Dore Party all members should be there for the entire party to mingle and work whatever needs to be done
  • Demo will start around 7pm
  • There are prizes by drawing, entry is by voting on who will be “The Agent” prizes are drawn from votes for the correct candidate
  • Members should rally all guests to join us for processional to Ctr for Sex and Culture as soon as party ends at 9pm
  • Clean up can start as soon as demos and drawings are done so that we can leave promptly at 9pm for flag processional

Flag Processional and Dedication

  • Assemble at PH as soon as party ends
  • Bouncer will lead processional carrying the original rubber pride flag on loan from Scott Moats
  • Walk will go down Folsom to 11th then up 11th to Mission and end at Center for Sex and Culture where the Titleholder Social is underway as part of the Library Installation
  • There will be a small presentation to dedicate the flag to the Leather Alliance followed by mingling with Titleholders and guests
  • Event ends at 11pm

Folsom Booth Details

  • Booth #E-1012You may view an approximate location of your space by looking at the map posted on the FSE event web page .
  • You will not be allowed to enter the fairgrounds until 7:30am.
  • Exhibitors MUST enter fair at 9th and Howard ONLY!
  • You must have your vehicle off the fairgrounds by 9:00am – exit via Harrison on a numbered street (8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th).
  • All setup must be complete by 10:00am.
  • Booth space must be claimed by 9:00am, or it will be forfeited and No Refund will be given.
  • Teardown at the end of day will begin at 6:00pm.
  • Any Exhibitor who has not completed teardown by 7:00pm will not be admitted to any future fairs.

Booth Shift Signup


  • Word of mouth only
  • Wristbands available in advance at “Conversion” or booth
  • Cover and release forms will be signed when wristband is purchased
  • Entry is $20
  • Admission will begin at 5pm door will be opened at 15min intervals until 8pm
  • If you aren’t helping with break down at the booth please help at the party
  • Rubber dress is required for the playparty
  • Party ends at 10pm so we can clean up and be out by 11pm



September Progress Agenda


Sept Event Details for Members


August Progress Agenda



Mike Horn is ready to set up our Indoor Skydiving email him if you are interested and let him know what weekends are good for you so he can get a head count and set a date.



There is now a general events calendar that you can link to your personal calendar to avoid conflicts with RMSF stuff, cause we know that there is no place more important!


This link will take you to the Volunteer Spreadsheet for the Phoenix Playparty.  Please let me know what you want to sign up for and share the link with friends who would like to get in for free in exchange for a couple hours of volunteer time.


June Discussion Meeting Agenda

Our meeting this month will be at Christian Walter’s home 171 Noe at 3pm Sunday June 3, 2012 instead of the Castro Country Club.


More Exciting News!

We finally received the certificate for the award from the Leather Alliance and it is quite impressive.  Along with the framed certificate from the Leather Alliance is a very official certificate of acknowledgement for the award from the State of California signed by Marc Leno.  The award is actually registered in the state archives!

Mark from STR replied to the inquiry about continuing to sponsor RMSF with “…. you know i am up for sponsoring just let me know what you need or would like”

Ian from Invincible cleared up the offer for becoming our sponsor by providing us with 10 wallets with our logo and covering half of the set up for the printing plates that we will officially own so that we can have logo printed gear provided by Invincible anytime we want. Going forward the member exclusive logo wallet will be at cost to us approx. $16 USD per wallet.

Finally Rover from Leather Alley was very grateful to hear that we agreed to volunteer our time to Leather Alley.  He is holding open spots as Hospitality and Host/Greeters just for RMSF so make sure you have a few hours after the parade to sign up the spreadsheet will be posted here soon!


Since our last meeting;

Mr S has decided to carry Vivishine so I have contacted them about the sponsorship offer, The Leather Alliance is VERY interested in backing us for an event at Leatherweek to dedicate a Rubber Pride Flag into the official colors for the SF Leather Community.

We have been asked to attend The Edge Anniversary party on June 10th.


Progress Agenda for April Discussion


Progress Agenda for Discussion meeting



Wristband designs for Phoenix party are posted on the Phoenix Bracelets page.  Check them out and let me know which one you like better.  Also I considered moving the RMSF logo to the back  to make the party title more impressive and it also would ensure that if the band turns something will still be visible so it’s not just another colored band


Tip Sheets arrived today and they look awesome!

If you were not at the Swap Meet Saturday we had an impromptu discussion and decided that 9×6 is no longer a sponsor, we will be switching to Mr S Body Glide as our lube of choice for club functions.  It was also decided that the Dore play party will be on Sunday immediately following the streetfair.

Front and Back of Tip Sheet Final drafts sent to printer on 02-10-12, ETA 02-20-12