Play Party Pleases Players!

After far too long, the Rubber Men held a full-scale, public Play Party on Saturday afternoon, January 14, and reports have been very positive about it.kinkrubberphotoshoot-77

The party was held at SF Catalyst. This community-run dungeon and meeting space is located where “Alchemy” used to be, on Folsom Street between 6th and 7th.  The large space, with its many items of bondage furniture and comfortable places to play, worked very well for us. The slings and rotating bondage table got plenty of use, and we were able to set up our vac-cube and lube pool on mats provided by the space.

Because RMSF is a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance which operates Catalyst, we were able to rent the space for a very reasonable price.  The space has recently had numerous improvements and a full fire safety inspection, and is continuing to gain popularity among the city’s kinky event organizers.SFCatalystMainSpace

Probably the most distinctive feature of the “Experience It!” party was the use of the Gear Library.  About 30 items of latex clothing and accessories were available, and guests – especially rubber “newbies” – were assisted in selecting and donning garments to wear for the afternoon.  Several first-timers immediately fell in love with how they looked – and felt – in the tight-fitting latex skin.

I am particularly pleased to report that no Library items were lost or damaged – a tribute to our guests carefulness and honesty.  So if you have any duplicate, surplus or no-longer-fitting items you are thinking about donating to RMSF, you can do so confident that they will be loved, cared for and put to good use!

An interesting side note, and perhaps a tribute to our group’s reputation for kinkiness and adventureousness, is that our event was actually declined liability insurance by the building’s regular underwriter.  Apparently we were just too wild for them.  For a while we thought we might have to cancel.  Fortunately another agent, recommended to us by the good folks at Gear Up Weekend, was more understanding; insurance was obtained and the party went on.

Another note of interest is that this party was publicized 100% by social media and person-to-person word of mouth.  We spent nothing on printing (bar cards, posters) or advertisements.  We are still debating whether to stay with that approach for future events; attendance at the party was good, but it could have been better.  If you have an opinion, why not come to our next RMSF Open Meeting (held the first Sunday of each month, 1 pm at Wicked Grounds) and let’s discuss it.

We have had folks asking when our next party will be, and the answer is… probably April or May.  Our goal is to have three to four such parties per year.  But if we have the interest, the funds, and the volunteers to make it happen, maybe we can do more.  We have the space!

Rubber Men at Folsom Street Fair

San Francisco Leather Week is upon us!  And the Rubber Men of San Francisco are going to help make this year’s Folsom Street Fair as wild and kinky as we know how. And we know how!

Unfortunately, RMSF will not be hosting a Pre-Folsom Fair party at the Powerhouse this year. Sorry, guys. If you’re looking for slick Powerhouse fun, come to our Rubber Karaoke evening, just one week after the Fair.

But the Rubber Men will be making things happen at our booth at the Fair.  We have been assigned booth 0924 — that’s right in front of where the guys will be lining up to get into the Powerhouse, near the corner of Folsom and Dore, between 9th and 10th Streets.

This year our booth will feature two of the kinkiest attractions of the day.  First, our infamous piss pool!


And second, our new but already notorious Dore Dares!  Stop by the booth when you first arrive at the Fair to pick up your Dare, perform the dare, then return to the booth and claim your Dore Dare Doer sticker!

fsf-envelope       doredaredoer-sticker

Now, maybe you’re wondering, “How can I, as a San Francisco Rubber Man, become part of this nastiness?” Easy, just volunteer to work a shift at the booth.  Spend a couple of hours handing out Dore Dare envelopes and Dore Dare Doer disks, encouraging folks to enjoy the piss pool, sharing information about latex gear and the RMSF, and just looking sexy in your rubber!  If you’re not keen on interacting with the public, you can offer to help with setup or tear down. Drop a message to to let us know when and how you’d like to help.

NOTE TO ALL POTENTIAL VOLUNTEERS: If you would like something from the Gear Library to wear through Sunday afternoon, please contact me asap and let’s set up a time for you to pick up / try on / whatever.

And after Folsom Street Fair? You’ll probably want to come down easy, so join us for Game Gear at Wicked Grounds on Tuesday evening, to play some simple games, and talk about all the outrageous stuff we all saw on Sunday.

And the following Sunday, 10/2, we resume our regular schedule of events, including our Open Meeting at Wicked Grounds at 1:00 p.m., and Rubber Karaoke from 5 to 9 p.m..

Keep it kinky, men!

Stephane Donaldson

Rubber Memoriam RibbonMembers of RMSF send our condolences to our brothers in the rubber community and family of Stéphane Donaldson Mr. International Rubber 2009.

Stéphane was a linchpin for the rubber community and outgoing friend and father.  He recently supported RMSF in establishing a sponsor/partnership for RubbDown 2015 through OxBalls.  We will do our best to carry on his legacy for promoting the rubber community and fostering a positive balance of kink and family life.


For more about Stéphane vist the MIR website.

Pride Parade Plans


Rubber Pride on Parade, 2012

Rubber Pride on Parade, 2012

Join Rubber Men of San Francisco on Parade

Is it too soon to think about an event that won’t happen until the last Sunday in June? Maybe, but it’s just the right time to order that custom-made catsuit to wear on your march down Market Street.

Need ideas?  All the RMSF sponsor vendors have lots to choose from.  A superhero-themed or sci-fi outfit should get a great response from the crowd, but we’ll be marching with the leather and kink contingents, and the cosplay and furry groups will be nearby too, so you can be part of the action in whatever latex, neoprene or PVC gear you like. Industrial is hot — possibly a little too hot for June, we’ll see.  Maybe you want to go full puppy — imagine how many folks will want to pet your doggy head and stroke your shiny coat!

Or, since this is San Francisco, dress in layers:  wear leather on the outside until the fog lifts, then strip it off and stash it in the sound truck and do the rest of the parade in those tight matching briefs and t-shirt.

Whatever you wear, you are welcome to march with us and show your pride — and your kinkiness!  Contingent Safety Monitor training starts soon; if you can volunteer to be one of ours, it will count a lot towards your full RMSF membership.

Or just let us know via email that you’ll be joining us, and we’ll plan to write or text you to let you know where our contingent is meeting up on the day.

The RMSF Contingent at the Pride Parade:  It’s Where You Belong