Rubber U

Got questions about anything rubber?  You’ve come to the right place.  We are not experts but we are at work compiling our advice based on research and experience along with information from reliable sources.

  • Zigzag’s Guide; RMSF Members bring you guidance on everything from rubber care to where to buy.
  • This Old Catsuit; Video ‘How To’ brought to you by RankInSF, installments range from quick patches to vac cube assembly
  • DO Try This At Home; Articles and links to stuff we have done or other things rubber related we want to share.
  • Beyond The Gasmask: A monthly interactive workshop for all levels of rubber interest from how to dress in rubber to using a “Venus” device.

If you have specific question that haven’t been covered here for you just contact us and we will have a member get back to you with some solid advice.